Vol. 15 No. 1 (2020)

This map shows the distribution of biogas energy potentials for sewage treatment plants (STP) in the state of Paraná in the southern region of Brazil. The results of this research showed that 19 STP units presented a biogas energy potential above 100 GJ d-1 and 124 units a potential below 30 GJ d-1. The location of these units and associated biogas energy potential make it possible to assemble strategic plans for future investments in the energy recovery of the by-products of STPs.

Source: LOPES, L. S. et al. Energy potential of biogas and sludge from UASB reactors in the State of Paraná, Brazil. Rev. Ambient. Água, Taubaté, vol. 15 n. 1, p. 1-15, 2020. doi:10.4136/ambi-agua.2398

Published: 03/02/2020