Spatial and temporal characterization of some water quality physical parameters and their relationships with land-use in Água Fria watershed (Palmas – TO, Brazil)

  • Alexandre Marco da Silva UNESP
  • Harry Edmar Schulz USP


Due to a high population growth that has been occurring in Palmas and due to land use changes that are caused by this population growth and development, the goal of this paper was to study the behavior of four physical parameters of water quality of the Água Fria watershed. The parameters were turbidity, total suspended solids, settleable solids and total dissolved solids. Eight gauging stations were established and the water samples were monthly collected from February/1998 to February/1999. The water bodies of the watershed were generally in good condition concerning these four parameters. However, there were some cases of seasonal irregularity of some parameters, as well as no correlation among some of studied parameters. This might be an indicator of some impacts like accelerated erosion due to a misuse of the lands and misuse of local water resources.