Low-cost wireless sensor network applied to real-time monitoring and control of water consumption in residences

Arnon Jadir Rodrigues Alves, Leandro Tiago Manera, Marcel Veloso Campos



The objective of this work is to explore the implementation of a low-cost real-time monitoring and control of water consumption together with a user feedback interface. Water usage information will be available in a cloud storage and can be accessed through a mobile application. The collected data allows access and supervision of both client- and water concessionaire. Project feasibility is analyzed in terms of hardware and software, as well as each element required for the design. The simulations were carried out with the purpose of verifying system operation, considering the following metrics: transmission rate, signal strength and transmission quality. After the simulations, the hardware and software were integrated, and the final result was presented through a mobile application. This work presents and applies a design and development methodology of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Smart City in water-distribution systems.


IoT, smart city, water consumption, wireless sensor network

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4136/ambi-agua.2407

Revista Ambiente & Água. ISSN:1980-993X DOI:10.4136/1980-993X

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