Characterization of Metals in atmospheric precipitation in an Ombrophyllous Mixed Forest

Andressa Beló, Sueli Pércio Quináia, Nayara Kaminski de Oliveira, Luciano Farinha Watzlawick


This work addresses some aspects related to the study of metals content evaluation from atmospheric precipitation considering both the fraction dissolved and the particulate matter in forest of Guarapuava region, PR. Samples of atmospheric precipitation were collected using collectors of total precipitation located inside and outside of a forest patch. Samples were collected during 12 months and the analyzed parameters were pH, conductivity, Al, Cd, Cr, Fe, Mn, Ni and Pb. The PCA (Principal Components Analysis) was performed and indicated that each rain event was responsible for the discrimination of samples from each sample collected within and outside the forest. Results of pH measurements revealed the occurrence of slightly acidic precipitation. Some metal had values above CONAMA nº 357 acceptance values. Toxic metals of anthropogenic origin were found demonstrating that weather phenomena contributed to the dispersion of pollution from urban areas.


precipitation; particulate matter; metals; forest; PCA

Revista Ambiente & Água. ISSN:1980-993X  DOI:10.4136/1980-993X



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