Characterization of automotive shredder residues before and five years after landfill disposal

  • Lucian Ionel Cioca “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Larisa Ivascu Politehnica University of Timisoara, Faculty of Management in Production and Transportation
Keywords: automotive shredder residue, elution test, fluff, heavy metal, landfill, leachate


The paper illustrates the results of an extensive analytical characterization study of automotive shredder residues (ASR), also known as "fluff”. The analyses concerned material fractions and their content, with special reference to heavy metals (e.g. Cd, Cr, Hg, Pb, Cu) and arsenic. Elution tests on the original materials were also conducted. Moreover, chemical concentrations of ASR samples after about five years' landfill residence was assessed, in order to verify possible changes resulting from both in-situ leaching and organic matter degradation phenomena. Results show that lead seems to be the most critical element in view of possible ASR acceptance in non-hazardous waste landfills because of its high concentration in raw waste and, especially, of its proven leachability characteristics.