Sensitization of teachers to act in environmental education by means of art therapy

  • Ana Stella Ribeiro Medeiros Neves Universidade de Taubaté
  • Angela Denise Peres Secretaria de Educação do estado de São Paulo
  • Ana Aparecida da Silva Almeida Universidade de Taubaté
  • Herminia Yohko Kanamura Universidade Federal de Alfenas
Keywords: transdisciplinarity, four elements of nature, environment


Both Environmental Education (EE) and Art Therapy strive to improve quality of life by making man more aware of his relationship with himself, with other living beings and with the environment. This paper reports on the application of the tools of art therapy as a strategy to raise awareness of municipal school teachers to work in EE with elementary school children. Therefore, five art therapeutic meetings were held, in which an integrated and inclusive reflection on the four nature elements were emphasized, i.e., water, earth, fire and air, with a well thought-out and incorporated content. At the conclusion of the art therapy and after extensive reflection on the relationship with EE, participants were open to experiencing new paradigms, and could thus rethink and reorganize the curriculum, in search of new alternatives for effective EE.