Morphometric characterization of sub-basins in the municipality of Xapuri: subsidies to land management in the Western Amazon

Éllen Albuquerque Abud, João Luiz Lani, Edson Alves de Araújo, Eufran Ferreira do Amaral, Nilson Gomes Bardales, Elpídio Inácio Fernandes Filho


This work morphometrically characterized watersheds that occur in the municipality of Xapuri and constructed a model that explains the extent of watershed impact and resilience. Emphasis was given to provide a decision-making tool for non-specialists. The study area is located in the State of Acre and has four sub-basins: Alto Acre, Rio Xapuri, Xipamanu and Riozinho do Rola. A cartographic survey was conducted, to include the morphometric characteristics of the area and land use and cover features that resulted in the soil-hydrographic zoning of the municipality. Sub-basins Xapuri, Xipamanu and Riozinho do Rôla revealed drainage densities and orders that indicate low drainage efficiency, while Alto Acre presented high drainage orders (ninth order) and densities, contrary the geometric indices and drainage densities, and is considered to have efficient drainage. Considerable alterations in permanent preservation areas occur in the municipality of Xapuri, with conversion to less resilient areas highly sensitive to impacts. The soil-hydrographic zoning assists in visualizing the municipality in a land management context through an ecosystem approach and a qualitative view of the possibilities and weaknesses.


Hydrological resources; soil-hydrographic zoning; territorial ordering

Revista Ambiente & Água. ISSN:1980-993X  DOI:10.4136/1980-993X



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