Submission and Publication Fees


Since August 1st, 2020, we have been charging a submission fee of US $15 that will not be refunded in any event. The payment of this fee from abroad (i.e. outside Brazil) can only be paid by PayPal using the currency of your country and any major Credit Card by clicking here:

In addition to the submission fee, if the article is accepted for publication a fee of US $200 will be charged for articles with maximum of 10 pages and US $25 per page in addition of 10 pages, counted after the final version of the article in journal final layout for publication that will be charged only if the article is accepted for publication.

If you have been communicated that your article has been accepted for publication, the journal administration will send you a message of the correct amount of the publication fee to be paid via PayPal.

Payment by authors in Brazil

If you are paying in Brazil, and don’t want to pay using PayPal, you can pay by Bank Money Transfer, direct deposit or DOC to Santander Bank:
Bank: 033, Agency: 0056, Account Number: 13-003991-9.
Em nome de: Instituto de Pesquisas Ambientais em Bacias Hidrográficas (IPABHi)
CNPJ: 08.583.615/0001-08; Insc. Mun.: 50.815/07; Insc. Est.: 688.269.140.110

Please be advised that payments made in Brazil must be in Real and values are:
Submission = R$ 80,00 (not refundable); publication R$ 600,00 up to 10 pages; R$ 75,00 per additional page above 10.

Please note that in order to have your submission processed, if you are not paying by PayPal, you have to upload a receipt of the bank transaction as a “Supplementary Document” in the Journal’s system and fill the following form: Click here.